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World-for-World Travel to Thailand

A service-learning travel program you'll never forget!

World-for-World Travel to Thailand is a service-learning adventure led by Burt Woolf.
The higher purpose of this 19-day program is to promote global citizenship through cross-cultural immersion and compassionate service in a context of sustainable travel and transformative learning. This program will be a real travel adventure for the small inter-generational group of travelers that Burt will be taking with him:

Five distinct travel experiences:
  • Bangkok (5 days in the capital region)
  • Chiang Mai (3 days in this northern cultural center)
  • Mountain jungles (3 days at the Elephant Nature Park)
  • Rural Village Visits (2 days in northern Thailand)
  • Mid-south region (5 days at Ban Krud -- a beach side village)
Cross-cultural programs:
  • Workshop on Thai culture with the country's leading authority.
  • Private discussions and teaching sessions with several Thai Buddhist Monks.
Service activities:
  • 3 days as live-in volunteers caring for rescued elephants at a nature preserve (meet with Lek Chaillert, international elephant conservationist).
  • Service to children and adults in need at to one or more sites (e.g. a school, village, etc.).
  • Other special projects organized by Thai civic leaders and service organizations.

Thai culture, heritage, natural resources, and spiritual sites and activities:
  • Major sites in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  • The ruins of Ayutthaya, ancient capital of Siam
  • Several ancient temples.
  • River Cruises
  • Royal Summer Palace at Bang Pa-in
  • The magnificent outdoor Buddha of Wat Thang Sai.
  • Jade Factory
  • Performances of traditional Thai dance as well as off-beat contemporary entertainment.

Personal down-time options:

  • Shopping in Thailand's famous markets, night bazaars, and urban malls.
  • Thai massage (not to be missed).
  • Great Food!
  • Personal side tours and night-life (Bangkok).
  • Sun bathing on a glorious stretch of beach on the Bay of Thailand.

Spontaneous adventures are likely to show up at any moment!!