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Burt Woolf addresses
50+ tourism leaders
in Bangkok

October 16, 2008; BANGKOK: The Thailand Chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association hosted Burt Woolf as the keynote speaker at its quarterly meeting at the Bangkok Convention Centre. Woolf is the Founder and Chief Principal of the Center for Quality of Life and Tour Leader for World-for-World Travel to Thailand. Addressing a record attendance of 70 leading tourism industry and government executives, Woolf spoke on "Integrative Travel: A New Vision for Tourism Development."

In his presentation, Woolf suggested a new orientation to tourism development and a new role that weaves the
travel and tourism industry directly and comprehensively into the fabric of community and economic life of resident destinations.

Drawing on his 20-year professional career in rural destination development in the U.S. and his recent personal travel experiences in Thailand, Woolf offered a new strategic framework for tourism development that re-focuses private sector industry leaders and public agency officials on sustainable modes of visitation -- such as World-for-World Travel to Thailand -- that contribute to the sustenance, growth and well-being of the destination, rather than on offerings that consume or damage increasingly depleted and fragile local resources (natural, built, cultural and social).

Center for Quality of Life
Celebrating your passion to make a difference!


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Living at the Edge workshops
The father-and-son team of Burt and Max Woolf offer you a creative framework for living life fully, regardless of the challenging circumstances you are facing. More...

Life Coaching services
Burt Woolf's life-coaching practice guides you along your life's path, providing you with the tools and a support system to sustain you on your journey. More...

Effortless Leadership® programs
This professional development program addresses "leadership" as a nurturing personal experience. Through this program, managers and executives clarify and refine their personal vision; build inner reserves; replenish creative energy; and re-kindle a feeling of self-determination. These are the inner qualities that result in dramatic personal performance and productivity. More...

For organizations and professional associations:
Sponsor one of our motivational presentations or educational workshops for your of your members, employees, executives and teams. We will give them hope and strengthen their technical competence, strategic effectiveness and emotional resilience!

Keynote presentations and seminars
Burt Woolf delivers lively and thought-provoking keynotes, and insightful experiential workshops on quality-of-life topics and subjects such as personal resilience, dealing with turbulent change, stress in the workplace, career re-invention and the keys to successful relationships. More...

Living at the Edge workshops
The father-and-son team of Burt and Max Woolf offer your staff or association membership a creative framework for working hard, producing results and delivering extreme customer service, regardless of their circumstances at home or work. More...

For communities:
Need to bring citizens into a community process -- to deal with a crisis, challenge, opportunity, or thorny policy-issue?

Accelerated Consensus® process
Our facilitated public process brings together the many voices of stakeholders and constituents to focus creatively on new possibilities for initiatives and policies, and to shape solutions and strategies for implementation that everyone can buy into. More...

For You!
Join Burt Woolf for a service-learning travel adventure of a lifetime.

World-for-World Travel to Thailand
...a unique and fascinating service-learning-abroad experience that promotes global citizenship through compassionate service and cross-cultural immersion in a context of sustainable travel and transformative learning! More...