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New Possibilities for Communities and Organizations!

Center Qual of Lesus

Center for Quality of Life; Accelerated Consensus
for organizational and
commmunity initiatives

The Center for Quality of Life (C4QL) now offers
Accelerated Consensus®
(formerly offered by Burt Woolf
through QL Consulting, Inc.)

Accelerated Consensus is a facilitation service we offer to nonprofit organizations, public agencies, companies, and communities. Originally developed by Burt Woolf in the late 1980's, the process has been proven to work in dozens of different client settings, as a tool for generating common understanding, cohesive agreement, and concerted action regarding:
  • visioning and re-branding
  • strategic planning
  • development of new or re-vamped initiatives
  • resolution of complex policy issues.
If you have a situation where you need, want, or are required to bring together the diverse voices of stakeholders and constituents, an Accelerated Consensus® process facilitated by Burt Woolf may be just the right approach to consider.

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