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About the C4QL Logo
Our Logo is a stylized image of the "Pollen Path," a Native American sand painting used by medicine men as a metaphor for the journey to physical, emotional and spiritual healing. For C4QL, this image represents the human experience and process of transformative change. You can learn more about the Pollen Path image at our Living at The Edge Programs.

Center for Quality of Life
About Burt Woolf

Burt Woolf is the Founder and Chief Principal of the Center for Quality of Life.

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Center for Quality of Life
About C4QL

The Center for Quality of Life (C4QL) was founded in 2003 by Burt Woolf following his tenure as Executive Director of the Creative Education Foundation. C4QL is both a set of services and a forum for practitioners, managers and volunteers across many different nonprofit, public sector and organizational fields to learn about, and apply quality-of-life strategies to their own lives, to their organizations and to the world around them.

Using transformative educational services and learning events, we advance a quality-of-life context through the practical knowledge and application of personal and organizational transformation that
helps people find greater meaning and purpose in their lives, by:
  • giving focus to their vision of a better world;
  • enhancing their leadership potential;
  • helping them deal with stress, work-life balance, career re-invention;
  • expanding their creative and strategic capacities;
  • rejuvenating their body, refreshing their mind, and renewing their spirit; and
  • motivating them to improve their performance and commitment to others.

To fulfill our objectives, the Center offers keynote presentations as well as learning events (experiential workshops, seminars and retreats). We also write articles for various professional and trade publications.

Center for Quality of Life
About our Programs and Services

Quality-of-life context
All programs and services of the Center for Quality of life are designed to help people substantially enhance the quality of their life, and expand their capacity to make the difference they want to make in the world. Through our programs and services, you will engage with, and radically shift your feelings and behaviors in relation to limitations in your life that have been holding you back. We call this more spacious state of being, a quality-of-life context and it applies to all aspects of your life, work, and relationships... in what you do, what you have, and how you ARE...  at home, in the workplace, in your community activities, and in the world! 

Transformative education and learning - expanding possibilities

A radical shift of feelings and behaviors occurs through the proven technologies of transformative education and learning. The programs and services of C4QL help you reflect with new eyes on your experience of "limitation". As you explore the dysfunctional behaviors that have been holding you back, your perspective on life shifts... and becomes imbued with new possibilities -- in feelings and in action.

The 8 Principles for Quality of Life - strategies for living
life fully
Once people see the possibility of living in a quality of life context, they naturally begin to seek strategies for action that are more likely to lead to satisfaction and fulfillment. Our 8 Principles for Quality of Life (click here to see them) provide a strategic framework for generating
positive experiences in both internal and external dimensions of one's personal and organizational life. The 8 Principles for Quality of Life thus form the conceptual cornerstone on which all of the Center's programs and services are built.

Modes of service
Our programs encompass five modes of service:

  • Speeches, Seminars, Workshops, and Support GroupsWe have created a series of lively keynote presentations, interactive seminars, and longer-format experiential workshops that address specific quality-of-life issues and topics. These programs can be sponsored for delivery in a variety of settings for groups of all sizes.  We also host and facilitate support groups for people to focus together on quality-of-life issues they are confronting.
  • One-on-one coaching. Coaching is a mode or style of personal support and service that helps people unleash their full potential. Coaching is typically provided one-on-one -- client and coach "meet" by telephone or in person with some frequency that both agree upon. This service helps people confront and dissolve the barriers that keep them from being in the flow of a fulfilled personal and professional life.
    • C4QL network of colleagues. C4QL is part of an ever-expanding network of thought leaders in quality of life and transformative education fields. We can arrange for any of our colleagues to share their ideas and provide life strategies through presentations, educational programs or consultancies on a wide range of fascinating transformational topics (creativity, soul relationships, change theory, sustainability, spaciousness, etc.). Contact us if you would like to sponsor a presentation or workshop about quality of life for your community, company, organization, or professional society, and we'll find the right person for the job. And if you are a quality-of-life practitioner, let us know if you would like to become a Colleague of C4QL.
    • Institutional partnerships. Many organizations, foundations, public agencies, companies, professional societies and trade associations serve constituencies, members, employees, and clients who want to operate as quality-of-life organizations. C4QL connects with these groups to identify ways by which we might work together to bring a quality of life context and transformative education to the professional front line. Contact us to ask about becoming a partner with C4QL.
    • Ad Hoc Retreats and Regional Programs. From time-to-time, we convene and sponsor informative and captivating workshops, seminars, presentations, experiential processes and special events, usually held on a campus location. C4QL retreats are unique opportunities to experience and share a quality-of-life context with a diverse group of people, from many different fields, who attend from all over the world. Contact us if you would like to see a C4QL regional program in your area.
    Putting it all together
    Each of the C4QL program and service areas use transformative education and learning technologies to help people, organizations and communities discover not only the possibility of living in a quality-of-life context, but also, the practical strategies and approaches to do so.

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