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Max Woolf

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Living at the Edge Programs
Delivered by the father-son team of Burt and Max Woolf

Transform the challenging circumstances in your life !

Through the Living at the Edge program, Burt (father) and Max (son) Woolf
offer you a creative framework for living life fully, regardless of the challenging circumstances you are facing. Our goal is to guide you along a path of personal transformation by providing you with the tools and a support system to sustain you on your journey. During the program, you will be introduced to the 8 Principles for Quality of Life. You will create a personalized action plan to address those principles on which you need to work most. Perhaps most importantly, you will connect with a supportive community of like-minded people who encourage each other with a vigor and zest for living!

What are challenging circumstances?

Whether or not the stuff that happens in our life is significant and life-changing, or small and inconsequential, we tend to react to all situations out of unconscious habits constructed from past experience. We may think we are responding appropriately, but when those habitual patterns donít work anymore, our response can become dysfunctional. The resulting consternation and misdirection keeps us from living life fully. Thatís when lifeís circumstances become challenging.

Our Living at the Edge Programs will transform your experience of challenging circumstances, so that you can live a purposeful life, in harmony and at peace with the world around you.

What is living at the edge?

We all live within a box of possibilities whose edge is formed by inner judgments, attitudes and beliefs. When you are conscious at every moment of these patterns and habits of mind, you expand the box, and experience a sense of heightened satisfaction and fulfillment. With an expanded box of possibilities, you will better understand how to face lifeís challenges with a positive attitude, a mindset for success, and optimum capacity for performance and achievement!

Our Living at the Edge Programs will reinvigorate your passion for living and cultivate your personal vision and destiny.

How did this program come about?

Twenty-seven years ago, Maxís birth mother (Burt's first wife) was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the sixth month of her pregnancy with him. She hung on to life so Max could be born, and she died three weeks later. In 2006, Max had a revelation about the miracle of his life, and began to share a profound message of personal resilience in the face of dramatic life circumstances. When he looked for a way to convey this message of transformation to others, he realized that his father had developed a seminar series on the very same topics, as a vehicle to address his own grief over the life-changing loss of his first wife. Now, together, Max and Burt are presenting their story and program to help you achieve your full potential, regardless of the challenging life circumstances Ė big or small - that YOU may be facing.

How the program is delivered

Introductory Program
. This two hour program introduces you to the concepts of Living at the Edge. Max and Burt will share their inspiring father-son story of how incomprehensible tragedy and loss led to a remarkable transformation of their lives and relationship. You will learn about the box of possibilities, what happens at the edge, and the eight principles for quality of life. This program is a held at 594 Marrett Road Suite 15 in Lexington, MA 02124. We request a donation of $18 for the program.

Weekend Workshop. At this advanced experiential program you will transform your experience of the challenging circumstances in your life. You will learn how to expand your own box of possibilities and to apply the eight principles for quality of life to your daily life. You will also prepare a personal plan of action and develop a support system to sustain your personal transformation after the workshop. The weekend workshop begins on Friday evening and extends for a full-day Saturday on dates and at locations to be announced. We request a donation of $180 for the weekend workshop.

Your Program Leaders

For the past 30 years, Burt Woolf has been a trailblazer in the field of quality of life improvement as a facilitator, life coach, consultant, visionary, and most recently a full-time doctoral candidate. Burt founded the Center for Quality of Life (, in 2003 to nurture those who want to live and work in a quality-of-life context. His lifelong experience in the quality of life profession has helped him cultivate a myriad of transformative tools and experiential exercises to help people, teams, organizations and communities achieve their full potential and realize their dreams for a more fulfilled life and a better world.

Max Woolf has been living at the edge since before he was born. He is a Gen Y visionary, and creative guide who has developed a new context for living that maximizes personal potential and invigorates life experiences. He has focused his professional interest on extreme service that dramatically increases the overall
customer experience and customer satisfaction. Max envisions people living on the edge all the time -- a vision he is now sharing with the world!  Professionally, Max is currently General Manager of the Daily Jolt, a national community website for colleges and universities throughout the U.S.  Prior to joining Daily Jolt senior management team, Max was a hotel executive.   He is an alumnus of Amherst College (2003).